[Orion's Drama News] Knights, Multitaskers and Goodbyes

We are officially in Christmas month and this means that we can consider everything a present and feel so very coddled. Today I look at the lovely selection of diverse dramas coming out next week and share new goodies from dramas we will be seeing shortly. I am ready for my drama presents and I hope we get a lot of good shows.

Drama Smörgåsbord

Variety is the spice of life and we have a few different dramas opening this week. We start of with "Jugglers", which has released some colorful posters. Wednesday and Thursday are a match between a not-knight and a not-robot. "Black Knight" has released a trailer full of explosive drama. I am not kidding, there is an explosion. If cuteness is your jam, "I'm Not a Robot" delivers adorable goodies and the casting of Yoon So-mi. For those who need some painful, but warm realism, let the family of "The Most Beautiful Goodbye" tear your heart apart.


Upcoming Drama Goodies

Vogue does humanity a favor and delivers a lovely pictorial of the titular bad guys from "Bad Guys : Vile City", while the drama itself has released character teasers for Kim Mu-yeol and Park Joong-hoon this week. AI-romance drama "Are You Human Too" has released its first stills and "A Korean Odyssey" displays its leads' superpowers in its latest teasers. In casting news, Netflix drama "Kingdom" carries impressive actor power and Kim Mi-kyung has joined "Grand Prince". Jeon So-min has been cast in "Cross" and the "Suits" remake has its male leads.

Followed Dramas

"Mad Dog" is finally over and "Black" is almost done. I hope the latter provides answers. I will tackle "Prison Playbook" in time and I think "Argon" will be up at some point in January. For now, I sit tight and wait for "The Most Beautiful Goodbye" and "Bad Guys : Vile City". I see tears and violence in my future.

Hae-raHuman too

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'