[Orion's Drama News] New Dramas Galore

Chuseok is always a slow news season, but Dramaland never remains quiet for long. The past week has been packed with news despite the holidays and the week ahead marks the premiere of many dramas. Today I talk about my personal picks and provide you with goodies from the fine selection of said dramas, which cover all manner of taste.

My Body is Ready

My shows are finally starting. I am officially covering "Mad Dog" and "Black", assuming those will be available for English-speaking audiences. The subtitling situation is as grim as Mr. Black himself lately. "Mad Dog" has released a short opening credit teaser as well as a solid fuller one and new stills. "Black" continues to impress with its atmosphere through a dark teaser followed by a shorter variation. Can it be next week already? I need these.

Min-junThe Reaper

New Week Romance

It feels like every drama is opening this week, so here are the romantic ones you can look out for! "Revolutionary Love" has a fresh title, character posters and a teaser as well as a character trailer out for you enjoyment. We have new goodies from "Go Back Couple", a teaser from "This Life Is Our First Life" as well as brand new things from "Boy and Girl From the 20th Century". Travel romance "The Package" has a new teaser of its own and a new character trailer.

New Week Crime and Punishment

If romance is not your thing or if you need some variety, this week has got you covered. "Witch's Court" has released a new teaser and a 5-minute highlight video. I am not sure what to make of the inconsistent tone, but this is nothing new in Dramaland. Heo Sung-tae has joined the series and can also be seen in the promos. If revenge is your poison, "Avengers' Social Club" has some great new shots of its cast and new stills.

Yi-deumThe revenge trio

Upcoming Drama Goodies

"Bad Guys Season 2" gets a short and sweet teaser while OCN also brings back some romance with this new teaser for "Melo Holic", a drama about a man who can read minds and a woman with two personalities. "I'm Not a Robot" gets a cast upgrade and Kim Seo-kyung joins "Two Cops". Chuseok may be a slow time for news, but we can still enjoy greetings from many beloved artists, including the cast of "Untouchable".

Followed Dramas

My main computer could not handle the heat of my fangirling and that is the interpretation I shall go with for why it died on me. While it is being given love and care, I march forward and on to my upcoming shows. Today I give you my preview for "Mad Dog" and my preview for "Black". I hope you enjoy my episode reviews for them.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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