[Orion's Drama News] Resurrections and False Prophets

The new drama season is upon us and it brings all manner of goodness. We have romance, crime, mystery and of course the much beloved fantasy thrown into the mix. Today I share goodies from and some thoughts on "School 2017" and "Reunited Worlds". I also present to you my chosen upcoming dramas for episode reviews and share drama news for this week, which includes plenty of casting announcements. We have a busy season ahead.

Education and Mystery

Summer is school mystery time and first up is "School 2017". The series has new posters, including one of the three leads. There are also new stills of rookie actress Kim Sejeong. I did not know the "School" series featured crime, but then again everything in Dramaland does nowadays. "Reunited Worlds" is a more disturbing, fantasy-fueled mystery with a minor-adult pairing, the latter being a trend I cannot wait to see the death of. Speaking of death, here are new goodies from the death-sparked mystery, including stills of Ahn Jae-hyun and casting news for Shin Soo-ho.

Eun-ho and a classmateHyeon-soo and Hae-seong

Cons and Cover Ups

I know I have been late to choose upcoming dramas, but the wait is over and my choices for episode reviews are "Save Me" and "Falsify". The leads of "Save Me" originally put me off, but the idea of a cult as a main focus, rather than as a standalone crime drama case is refreshing and I do love the promotional material, plenty of which you can see here. "Falsify" sounds less exciting and I am starting to burn out on these cookie-cutter power play and revenge stories, but I hope it surprises me. Enjoy is the latest poster for it.

Sang-mi and Jeong-giSo-ra

Upcoming Drama Goodies

We have new posters, videos and stills from "The King Loves" while "Someone Noticeable" has released its first look at Choi Soo-young as well as Lee Won-geun. "Criminal Minds" has two new teasers here and here. We have several new goodies for "Man Who Dies to Live" and new videos for "Strongest Deliveryman". "Hospital Ship" has released script reading images and casting news for Jo Ah-ra-IV. In more casting news, "Boy and Girl From the 20th Century", which was previously known as "No Sex and the City" has its main leads and so does "Prison Playbook". Park Minha joins "Argon" and "Mr. Sunshine" has added Yoo Yeon-seok along with its two main leads.

Followed Dramas

"Lookout" is done and with "Duel" being close to ending as well a new drama season begins for me. Aside from episode reviews for "Save Me" and "Falsify", I also plan to do my three-piece coverage on "Man-Hole". I will not lie, the joke potential got to me. My backlog is slowly becoming smaller and so today you get my "Whisper" review.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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