[Orion's Drama News] Rom-coms, Psychos and Youth

Have you been missing good ol' rom-coms, folks? You know, the kind where people do not cry for sixteen episodes and get some form of terminal illness. Well, let us see if those will be making a return and take a look at some recent drama trends while we are at it. More upcoming drama goodies are out, including some for new titles. Even less eventful weeks are full in Dramaland.

The Return of Rom-coms?

Writer Lee Hee-myeong and PD Baek Soo-chan of "The Girl Who Sees Smells" are back with romantic comedy "Beautiful Gong Shim". The premise does sound too simple and possibly boring, but do things always have to be complicated? The creators' previous show might be about a serial killer, but it also has adorable romance and strong female characters. So you know what? I trust them to bring some enjoyable fluff back. Here is some information on Namgoong Min's character and some videos.

Dan-taeSeo-ri and Heo-joon

"Beautiful Mind" and Not So Beautiful Deaths

I have no clue what is happening with this series, but it now has a cast and a premise. I was under the impression it would be a show about a cold genius meeting a warm bubbly girl and becoming less cold. So basically the most standard drama you can get. Now mysterious deaths are involved. And the pairing turned into an age gap one. Maybe they will make the complicated foundations of this work? It has happened before. I miss you, "Kill Me, Heal Me".

Rise of the Youngsters

Ajeossi (older man) age gap romances like the one above are back, but a trend is being made out of the questionable version of those, where adults are paired with minors. This piece speaks about the young actors and actresses getting a boost with more youthful shows and the possible business reasons behind these pairings. I am still not on board with this, as I said before, and have seen no convincing arguments for romanticizing such relationships, but Dramaland has decided.

Soo-ho and SimDo-kyeong

Upcoming Drama Goodies

Speaking of these pairings, new promotional stuff is out for "Mirror of the Witch". Main posters, videos and character posters are aplenty. "The Flower in Prison" has new videos and posters as well. "Squad 38" delivers its own video goodness and so does "Lucky Romance". "Oh Hae-Young Again" tops that with a video and topless Eric. Daily drama "Working Mother, Babysitter Father" has a new poster and we have the first video for "Good People". Last but not least, some cuteness from the set of "Saimdang: Light's Diary".

Followed Dramas

I was a tad bit salty over "Vampire Detective" last week, but episode five was lovely. "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" is getting back to its main story and I want the next episode. "Master - God of Noodles" is a lovely surprise. I am really liking its unique visual and storytelling style. Finally, here is my review for "The Village: Achiara's Secret". It was postponed due to some family problems, but Ori always follows through! I am ready for a new drama-week. How about you?

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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