[Orion's Drama News] Teasers and Stylish Temptations

Take a big step into a hopefully lovely 2018 to view all the upcoming drama goodies we can enjoy for yet another year. Dramaland has gone on a promotional spree after the slow holiday season and we have a lot of new teasers for several series coming up. As I look to future dramas for my picks, I am ever so slightly tempted to watch "Misty" on my free time.

Coming Soon Teaser Goodness

We have a lot of teasers for upcoming dramas this week and we start with "Radio Romance". The series has released a pairing-heavy teaser, but I am still not feeling it. The newer promo is more on the cutesy side, while maintaining the colorful, bright style. "Cross" has released 2 versions of its second teaser showing its lead's dilemma and "Return" has its own out as well. "Are You Human Too" has dropped its first, action-packed teaser and the quirky "Queen of Mystery 2" returns!

RoboIIIGeu-rim and Soo-ho

Stylish "Misty"

The shaky relationships and divorces I have experienced in Korean drama have often not been my kind of melodramatic, and forbidden love is not a type of content I enjoy. "Misty" is, on paper, a series I would simply not go for, but the drama's first teaser and its latest posters are sure kicking me right in my aesthetic appreciation core. Adding to this a pair of actors who simply feel and look great together and I am tempted. Do I let some fine teasers rope me in? Perhaps on my free time.

Eun-jooSoo-jin and Hye-na

Upcoming Drama Goodies

Aside from its first teaser, "Queen of Mystery 2" has also been planning other goodies for which Instagram has delivered a sneak peek. Actor Jang Yoo-sang has been cast in the drama as well. Son Ji-hyun joins "Grand Prince" and Moon Ga-young has been cast for "The Great Seducer". OCN has been busy lately, as the channel will see the remake of the show "Mistresses" in "Mistress" and its "Children of a Lesser God" has released script reading images. Last, but not least, tvN's "Mother - Drama" has released some impressive material.

Followed Dramas

Well, it looks like "A Korean Odyssey" will continue, after adding a ton of new PDs, so I will get back on that soon. My "Argon" episode reviews are a bit erratic in their release schedule, but I am slowly getting through it and the same goes for "Prison Playbook". My "Black" series review is also done. With so many new dramas approaching, my drama-life will be pleasantly full.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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