[Orion's Ramblings] "Nobody Knows" Releases Heartbreaking Teaser Poster, Confirms March 2020 Premiere

If there's one universal pain that reaches most people with a beating heart, it's the unfairness and suffering faced by the young, which is exactly what SBS's upcoming "Nobody Knows" is set to highlight. The series has released its first teaser poster, which is tragic whether taken literally or symbolically.

"Nobody Knows", starring Kim Seo-hyung and Ryu Deok-hwan, tells the story of children on the edge and the adults who want to protect them. This edge becomes a very real one in the first, bleak poster, which features a world turned upside down and the shadow of a child or teen falling. Be it the edge of feelings, sanity, or the edge of a building, this is a heartbreaking sight. It makes the question posed by the series on behalf of a child even more crucial; 'Would my life have changed if I had met a good grown-up?'

The upside down words vertically cutting through the poster's painful scenery are like a ray of hope arriving to answer this question. "It's okay, because you're a child. Even if you make a mistake, even if you do something wrong, it's still okay", says the adult we all hope this child would meet.

Given that the series is a 'mystery emotional tracking drama' starring a detective, I expect this child's woes to involve some form of major crime, but it is my hope that it will nonetheless provide subject matter that can be enlightening beyond larger-than-life situations. "Nobody Knows" is set to premiere on March of 2020, so we'll see how it develops until then.

Written by: Orion


"Nobody Knows" is directed by Lee Jeong-heum, written by Kim Eun-hyang, and features Kim Seo-hyung, Ryu Deok-hwan, Shin Jae-hwi, Jo Han-chul, Baek Soo-jang, Seo Young-joo. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/03~Upcoming, Wed, Thu 22:00 on SBS.