[Orion's Ramblings] Tragedy Strikes in First Teaser for "Nobody Knows"

It has been a long wait for us to get a solid first look into "Nobody Knows", but the first teaser has been well worth the wait. Brace yourselves, because Kim Seo-hyung is coming and she takes no prisoners. We have trauma, mystery, regrets of the past haunting the present and a youth who needs protection from powers beyond their control.

Kim Seo-hyung stars as Cha Yeong-jin, a detective who carries the guilt of not being able to save her beloved friend. The teaser gives us a look into her traumatic past, as a teenage woman asks an also younger Yeong-jin what would happen if they dug up a specific place and found a corpse there. Yeong-jin finds the idea silly, but this disbelief followed by a tragedy leads to her present guilt.

Modern day Yeong-jin has still not let go of this trauma, and when asked by an older woman if she's still only living with the thought of catching the culprit, she deflects by saying that it's her job to do so as a police officer. She aims to make this her last case, which is a pretty heavy and potentially self-destructive statement.

After a flashback sequence of Yeong-jin helping a victim of domestic violence out and the woman's child, Eun-ho, calling her his hero, we hear the voice of this youth currently in trouble, "If something bad happens to me, I hope that nobody knows". Tragedy strikes again, and we also get to see Ryu Deok-hwan's character, Lee Seon-woo, for the first time. He says that he has to know what has happened to Eun-ho, his student and the current victim.

I absolutely love every bit of this teaser, and the excellent cast is definitely its most striking quality so far. From the charismatic Kim Seo-hyung and Ryu Deok-hwan to heavyweights like Moon Sung-geun and Jang Young-nam or the fun little "Memories of the Alhambra" reunion of Park Hoon and Min Jin-woong, this is just a sight for sore eyes.

The first teaser poster's concept and the show's tagline of 'Would my life have changed if I had met a good grown-up?' feel all the more heartbreaking now, and I'm ready to start picking the fragments of said heart back up come March.

Written by: Orion


"Nobody Knows" is directed by Lee Jeong-heum, written by Kim Eun-hyang, and features Kim Seo-hyung, Ryu Deok-hwan, Park Hoon, Shin Jae-hwi, Ahn Ji-ho, Moon Sung-geun. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2020/03~Upcoming, Wed, Thu 22:00 on SBS.