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Park Bo-young, even after 10 years of acting she's still highly anticipated

2015/08/27 Source

Actress Park Bo-young is a highly trusted actress. She's mostly been in movies before "Oh My Ghostess" but everyone knows she can act. Her visual makes people believe she's only the lovable and feminine type but if you look closely, she's been in far more different genres than you think.

"Everyone thinks I always play the happy roles, but I usually play a single mother, a sad and sick girl and characters like that. I even said I wanted to try a happy character. Then I thought, I could star in a drama to show people what I have and if I do, I would like to play a happy role".

She starred in independent movies like "If You Were Me 4" and "COLLECTIVE INVENTION" and even horror flicks like "Don't Click" and "The Silenced". Not only that, she even played a rowdy teenager in the movie "Hot Young Bloods". She starred in "The ESP Couple", "Speedy Scandal" and "A Werewolf Boy" as a loveable character.

From horror to romance, there's nothing she can't do. She's made all the characters hers and never did we find a hint of awkwardness in her roles.

The same goes for her in the drama "Oh My Ghostess". She plays Na Bong-seon who is possessed by a ghost named Sin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi).

How can there be such a creature as her? There are many people who only see her now. Her loud and clear voice, her cute face and small figure makes her irresistible. Take one look at her and your face will be split into a wide smile. She works the face out for you.

"The drama was fun to make especially because the guys treated me very well. I always greeted everyone with energy thinking that if I had no energy in my voice, they would think I'm sick or feeling down under. Everyone told me I vitalize them".

Her appeal doubled when she begged Cho Jung-seok to do it one more time in her cute way. However, it wasn't easy for her to say such adult rated lines because although she's been in the biz for 10 years, she hasn't had a single kiss scene yet.

Intimacy was even more work for her. The intimacy that she shared with Cho Jung-seok was slightly more intense compared to other dramas. That's how real it was. However, Park Bo-young enjoyed it.

"I was shocked at the script at first. I asked the director if I had to do this. I wasn't ready yet. I didn't know if I could do it. During "A Werewolf Boy" I worried about expressing something called 'love' and during "Oh My Ghostess" I worried about the kiss. Cho Jung-seok was concerned about it too when I told him I'd never done it before. I was fun though. I knew he wasn't going to fall for me anyways. I decided it would be better to be more outgoing about it because Yang Ki-nam would never fall for me".

In ten years of her acting career, Park Bo-young has done it all from intimacy to kissing. She's only 26-years-old. When will she star in her first melodrama? She's young looking and lovely so it's hard to imagine that but one day she might.

"10 years later I might change but I don't think I can do it now. I am not confident about my physical self. I think about it when I'm thirty or so. I don't know what's love yet and to know it I need to experience it first. Everyone tells me it's better after you experience it".

There have been times when she even thought of quitting. However, she recovered and it's terrible to think such a talented person would not act. She started acting again and gave people some happiness in life.

"I didn't think I would be here for 10 years. I wonder if I've done right. I did think about quitting in the middle but I refreshed and thought over. I thought about starting fresh and I was grateful for everything. Sometimes when I run into a barrier I wonder if I am doing well. Then I met the movie "COLLECTIVE INVENTION". It's a low cost film and I play a supporting role but the character was interesting and I even hoped for the making of the movie to extend. Then I realized how happy I was and wondered if I should be. I am still happy and 10 years later I hope my performance improves. It won't be easy but I have to believe in myself and trust myself more than now".

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