Park Hye-soo Files Report on False Accusations About School Violence

Park Hye-soo has begun legal action against the recent alleged school violence.


According to Herald Pop's report, Park Hye-soo has recently completed filing a complaint against those who spread false information online.

However, she was excluded from the list of being a school bully because the netizen who first revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a female celebrity pointed out it was not Park Hye-soo.

In addition, Park Hye-soo has taken legal action against all malicious slanderous and slanderous posts, and plans to take a hard response to illegal activities after continuous monitoring.

Earlier, an online posting was posted titled "How can I let it be known that a female celebrity bullied me at school?" This person claimed that she was assaulted at school by this actress saying, "She threw my bag from a building 10 stories high", "She cut my hair in the bundle" and "She told me to swallow preservatives".

Since then, there has been speculation through comments that the actress in question is Park Hye-soo, and many other revelations have emerged that Park Hye-soo was responsible for school violence, causing confusion. However, Park Hye-soo's agency, Studio Santa Claus Entertainment, denied the allegations as 'false facts' and stated that Park Hye-soo was not the one the accuser pointed out.

Nevertheless, suspicions of school violence surrounding Park Hye-soo have been posted one after another, focusing on SNS and online communities. Park Hye-soo, who is set to air her first KBS2 drama "Dear.M" on the 26th, has suffered a huge blow. With Park Hye-soo starting a full-fledged legal response, attention is being paid to whether she will be able to quell the controversy.

Meanwhile, Park Hye-soo appeared on SBS' "K-Pop Star 4" in 2014 and became recognized. She later debuted as an actress and appeared in JTBC's "Age of Youth", tvN's "Introvert Boss", the movie "Swing Kids" and "Samjin Company English Class".