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Park Min-ha Calls Jang Young-nam Mother

Announcer Park Chan-min's daughter Park Min-ha calls Jang Young-nam her mother, making headlines.


On the 28th, Park Min-ha posted several photos on her Instagram of her recent status along with the caption "The day I met my mother #Jang Young-nam #Park Min-ha".

In the photos released, Park Min-ha is taking a photo of actress Jang Young-nam. It seems that they are meeting after a long time and eating together.

Meanwhile, Park Min-ha, famous for being the daughter of announcer Park Chan-min, made her debut in 2011 with the drama "Indomitable Daughters-In-Law". She is currently on Channel A's "Super DNA".

In addition, Park Min-ha won the 42nd National Middle and High School Student Shooting Competition and won a silver medal in the recent shooting competition, drawing attention.

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