Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, No Min-woo and Uhm Hyun-kyung in "Greatest Marriage"

The poster filming of the drama "Greatest Marriage" has been revealed.

The four leading cast Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, No Min-woo and Uhm Hyun-kyung are all dressed up and enjoying a dance party.

The good looking men and women made it a point to watch the drama.

In the role of Cha Gi-yeong, Park Si-yeon is wearing a mini dress, showing off her legs and unique sexiness. In the role of Jo Eun-cha, Bae Soo-bin is acting funny with his comical expressions and gestures. In the role of Park Tae-yeon, No Min-woo is wearing a black suit and bow tie, looking sophisticated and dandy. Uhm Hyun-kyung plays Hyeon Myeong-I and is wearing a white dress.

Their teamwork shined during the whole making of the title. They danced together as if they'd been practicing for a long time.

Despite the fact that they had to learn the moves on the spot, the four of them memorized the moves well.

The staff suggested they formed a mixed dance group.

Baek Soo-bin who plays the loser but macho man Jo Eun-cha, was completely taken over by his character and overwhelmed the scene. He resembled Jim Carrey in a way and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, "Greatest Marriage" which is being broadcasted for the first time on the 27th of September, is about a woman who chooses to be an unmarried mother and questions marriage to other anchors. The cast includes, Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, No Min-woo, Uhm Hyun-kyung, Jo Eun-ji, Jung Ae-yun, Song Young-kyu, Jang Ki-yong, Park Sojin and others.

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