Park Soo-Jin Addresses Recent Incubator Controversy

Actress Park Soo-jin made a statement about the recent incubator controvery via a hand-written letter on Instagram. Rumors have floated about her receiving special treatment because of her celebrity status.


She says, "I wanted to apologize for the controversy that's been going around online and clarify some of the facts that have been distorted".

She said, "Regarding my manager's access and bringing in outside food, we followed the restrictions and my manager did not come into the Intensive Care Unit. We did show our appreciation to the staff that were on duty all night and all day, but I suppose that was a shortcoming on our side".

"My parents did come in. It was my first labor and the baby came earlier than expected, so my judgment was foggy".

"I am gratefully sorry about not having made a better decision back then".

The issue began when an online community brought up Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin's fame and reputation as a reason for why they received special treatment in May of this year.

The one in charge of this controversy said, "Park Soo-jin was only 29-weeks pregnant when she had her baby and the baby was put ahead of other babies who needed the incubator".

"Another baby who was pushed behind the line of Park Soo-jin's baby died as a result".

"Not only that, the ICU only allows 20 minutes of visiting to prevent infections, but Park Soo-jin brought in several boxes of Crispy Donuts to hand out to the staff on duty and her manager and parents came in and out of the ICU anytime they wanted even if it wasn't visiting hour".

Park Soo-jin has been criticized for getting special celebrity treatment.