"Perfume" Go Won-hee Replaces Go Joon-hee

Actress Go Won-hee is starring in "Perfume" with Shin Sung-rok, Cha Ye-ryun, and Kim Min-kyu.

Go Won-hee plays Min Ye-rin/Min Jae-hee, a rising star in the model industry with amazing body line. Go Joon-hee was initially mentioned for this role, but this fell through as the actress showed involved with the Seungri who is currently embroiled im controversy.

Go Won-hee shares a role with Ha Jae-suk.

Meanwhile, "Perfume" is a romantic comedy drama about a middle-aged woman who falls into despair after the destruction of the family she devoted her whole life to, and a man who messes things up because he lacks the courage to tackle love.