[Photo + Video] Poster and Teaser Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Shadow Beauty"

Poster and teaser added for the upcoming Korean drama "Shadow Beauty".

Teaser 1


"Shadow Beauty" (2021)

Directed by Bang Soo-in

Written by Bang Soo-in

Network: Kakao TV

With Shim Dal-gi, Choi Bomin, Lee Nagyung, Heo Jung-hee, Hongseok, Baek Ji-hye,...

13 episodes - Wed, Sat 20:00
Adapted from a webtoon.
A story about a girl named Goo Ae-jin, a non-existent student with an appearance complex who lives a double life as 'Jini', a celebrity with 770,000 followers on social media

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021/11/20