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[Photo] New Review Poster Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Humidity Alert"

New review poster added for the upcoming Korean movie "Humidity Alert" (2020)


Directed by Ko Bong-soo

With Baek Seung-hwan-I, Lee Hee-jun, Ko Joo-hwan, Cha Yu-mi, Kim Choong-gil, Shin Min-jae,...


Body temperature check
Fill out the form
Mask needs to be worn...

"But why is the air conditioning turned off?"
This is a real disaster!

One summer day with extreme humidity, the audience gathers at the theater to watch the premiere of Lee Hee-jun's new film, 'Young Love'. But what is this? The theater, which refused to operate the air conditioner, is getting humid and humid due to the high temperature emitted by the audience. Spectators who just want to feel pleasant begin to show sudden actions due to the bewildering humidity...

The crisis of a lifetime is coming like this?!
A day of explosion of humidity and laughter that no one can survive begins!

Release date in Korea : 2021/09/01

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