[Photo] New Still Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "A History of Jealousy"

New still added for the upcoming Korean movie "A History of Jealousy" (2018)

Directed by Jung In-bong

With Nam Gyu-ri, Oh Ji-ho, Jang So-yeon, Kim Seung-hyun-I, Park Han-sol, Song Jae-ho,...

Filming Begins : 2017/12/10
One mistake may lead to hundreds of tragedy.
The day before Soo-min's big concert day, her college friends Won-ho, Seon-gi, Kim Hong, and Jin-sook gather to celebrate Soo-min. Talking about their old memories and having fun seems like a happy moment of old friends. But soon when Soo-min leaves to the bathroom, Jin-sook starts a disturbing story about Soo-min that she has been sexually abused by her dad and brother after her mom's death. As all friends are shocked, one by one starts to talk about Soo-min's whole secrets as if they know everything about her without knowing Soo-min is overhearing their conversation. It drives Soo-min to the irrevocable revenge with secrets behind.

Release date in Korea : 2019/03/14

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