[Photo] Poster Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "A Leave"

Poster released for the upcoming Korean movie "A Leave" (2020)


Directed by Lee Ran-hee

With Lee Bong-ha, Kim Ah-seok, Shin Woon-seob, Kim Jung-yeon, Lee Seung-joo-I, Seo Gwang-taek,...

A 49-year old fired worker Jae-bok has been holding a sit-in for 5 years with his colleagues. After the union lost the final lawsuit asking for the invalidation of his recent layoffs, they decided to take 10 days off. Jae-bok goes back to home and gets a part-time job at a furniture factory during a leave to earn money to pay for his daughter's college tuition deposits and long padding. At a time when he is satisfied with his re-starting labor and his small daily life with his daughters, Jae-bok is offered a full-time job...

Release date in Korea : 2021/10