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[Photos + Video + Cast Update] New Trailer, Poster, Stills Added and Cast Updated for the Upcoming Korean Movie "This Americano"

New trailer, poster, stills added and cast updated for the upcoming Korean movie "This Americano"



"This Americano" (2021)

Directed by Kwon Yuju

With Byun Se-hee, Han Jae-ha, Park Ah-reum, Kim Hee-sang, Park Geon-hong, Lee Jung-hoon-V,...More

"I risked my life for this!"

Aspiring film director Soo-jin's first feature film production!

Aspiring film director Soo-jin tries to successfully complete her first feature film. The production cost is ridiculously small for a movie made with the help of people and money she collected. Soo-jin even changed her cigarettes to the cheap 'This Original', and she was working hard to prepare for the movie by asking her ex-boyfriend to be the main actor. Something like a bolt out of the blue happens to Soo-jin!

Will Soo-jin be able to complete the movie successfully?

Release date in Korea : 2021/08/01

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