[Photos + Video] A Man Questions His Future in Animated Film, "I'll Just Live in Bando"

"I'll Just Live in Bando" is a film made on a low budget, but with a lot of personality and a clever, well-thought out plot. A middle-aged man is caught between his dreams, his family, and a desire for a steady job. In this trailer, he's definitely having a mid-life crisis that centers on some heavy issues that are occasionally lightened by a kind father-daughter moment. This festival entrant has a lot to say and we can watch it in late January of 2018.

-Yours, Lisa

"I'll Just Live in Bando" (2017)

Directed by Lee Yong-sun

With Lee Seung-haeng, Lee Yong-woo-I, Oh Ga-bin, Park Jin-young-I,...

A man wants to become an actor, but he needs to focus on his teaching career in order to support his family.

Release date in Korea : 2018/01/25


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