[Photos + Video] New Poster, Stills and Trailer Added for the Korean Movie "Call Center Accepts Everything"

New poster, stills and trailer added for the Korean movie "Call Center Accepts Everything"



"Call Center Accepts Everything" (2021)

Directed by Mr. Na

With Yoon Yool, Lee Chae-dam, Ji Hee, Seung Hwan, Min Do-yoon, Kenny,...

Female employees of the call center work as customer counselors for a company that sells adult products. Under the company's policy of unconditionally satisfying customers, the hardships of employees who always have to endure the customer's power abuse continue. Manager Jang and new employee Yoo-ri, who have long endured and worked under team leader Kang, who wields female employees with his own power, appear in front of Joo-ri. Yoo0ri, who was in charge of Gyejinsang, one of the company's blacklists, as soon as she came. And Joo-ri, who made an unexpected friend with foreign customer Kenny.

Release date in Korea : 2021/10/05

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