[Photos + Video] New Posters and Teaser Added for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Boys Be!!"

New posters and teaser added for the upcoming Korean movie "Boys Be!!"

Teaser Trailer


"Boys Be!!" (2020)

Directed by Yoon Minsik

With Kim Hee-chan, No Young-hak, Kang Hyuk-il, Park Ji-hoon-III, Lee Doo-suk, Hong Geun-taek,...

Started filming 2019/07
The best fighter in high school, Seung-in (Kim Hee-chan), who is lonely but doesn't like to lose to anyone and his frien, the peace-maker Hyeon-tae (No Young-hak), who doesn't like fighting get involved with a fight including mobs and find out what true friendship is in this action drama which solves the growing pains of every teenager with action.

Release date in Korea : 2020/12/__