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[Photos + Video] New Stills and Trailer Added for the Upcoming Korean Omnibus Movie "Some Relationship"

New stills and trailer added for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Some Relationship"



"Some Relationship" (2020)

Directed by Goo Sang-bum, Kim Byeong-soo, Kim Mi-rim-I, Lim Hye-young-I, Yoon Hyun-ho

With Jeon Gyu-il, Lee Seung-yeon-I, Lee Hak-joo, Seo Eun-woo, Jang Eui-soo, Kwon Bum-taek,...

A story about familiar and unfamiliar relationships
Porkbelly (삼겹살, sam-gyeop-sal)
A showdown between an elderly daughter who is not married and a father who is not worried about his health. Why do you always complain to your family?

Mi-joo's Hamburger (미주꺼 햄버거, mi-joo-kkeo haem-beo-geo)
Mi-joo, who wants to watch an idol concert, works part-time without knowing how her mother feels. Will Mi-Joo be able to go to the concert?

Ari (아리, a-ri)
Eight-year-old Na-ra and her mother take an intercity bus and head somewhere. Meanwhile, eight-year-old Ga-eun is walking with her hand in the hand of mother superior...

A Rose (장미 한송이, jang-mi han-song-i)
A butterfly effect caused by a rose. By receiving one rose every day, love sprouts in a homeless person's heart.

Knife (칼, kal)
A disciple brings a knife to Jun-man, a professor of film science who has been living a helpless life ahead of his retirement. From that day on, Jun-man gradually fell into the sharp and shiny figure of the knife...

No release date in Korea yet

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