[Photos] Added new stills for the Korean drama 'Drama Festival - Fitting'

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Drama Festival - Fitting" (2014)


Directed by Jang Joon-ho

Written by Moon Soo-jeong

Network : MBC

With Seo Ye-ji, Heo Jung-do, Jung Ho-keun, Park Jung-soo,...

1 episode - Sun 00:05
Part of the "Drama Festival" series
In the winter of 2014, the streets of Sogong are covered by rows of buildings and there are only a few tailored shops left. Kyeong-hee, whose daughter is getting married soon, visited the place where she used to work. In the summer of 1978, Kyeong-hee got a job as a sewing assistant at the best tailor shop on Sogong Street. There she meets Seong-hyeon, a man who began working at tailor shops as soon as he was done with middle school. She started to become attracted to him, although she couldn't help but think about So-ran, the daughter of the tailor shop owner who liked both him and Jae-min, the night teacher who liked Kyeong-jin. Dream and reality and love. What did Kyeong-jin choose to make a memory out of?

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/12/07