[Photos] Adorable Character Posters and Stills Released for "Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure"

"Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure" is preparing for next week's release and has delivered a set of adorable posters for each of its leads, new and old, and stills of their upcoming adventures.

"Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure" (2017)

Directed by Kim Hyeon-ho-I, Yoon Je-hwan

With Lee Sun, Lee Mi-ja, Ham Soo-jeong, Hong So-yeong, Jeong Mi-sook, Kim Seo-young,...

Pororo and his friends head to dinosaur island where an exciting showdown occurs!

Pororo meets a dinosaur who can't remember anything but his name. Together he and his new friend must save their kidnapped friends from aliens. Can they save their friends?

Release date in Korea : 2017/12/07