[Photos] Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Emotional Depth of "The Namesake"

The behind-the-scenes photos display the raw emotion behind "The Namesake". Before the camera rolls the women are crumpled, frowning, or caught in moments of grave concentration. But earlier stills also show moments of levity. I'm actually intrigued by how heavy the stills appear. Bring it on.

-Yours, Lisa, who loves the power of a photo


"The Namesake" (2017)

Directed by Choi Jong-goo, Son Byung-jo

With Lee Sang-hee-IV, Yoon Eun-ji, Kim Joo-hoo, Han Sung-sik, Han Yi-jin, Lee Myeong-ja,...

The story of a woman who lost her daughter while they were escaping North Korea and the young woman she meets who has the same name as her daughter and who is escaping domestic violence.

Release date in Korea : 2017/12/14