[Photos] First Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Healing Love"

Yeon Jung-hoon and So Yu-jin

First stills added for the upcoming Korean drama "My Healing Love" (2018)


Directed by Kim Sung-yong

Written by Won Yeong-ok

Network : MBC

With Yeon Jung-hoon, So Yu-jin, Yoon Jong-hoon, Ban Hyo-jung, Kil Yong-woo, Jung Ae-ri,...

100 episodes - Sun 20:45 (4x35min episodes per day)
Formerly known as "My Love, My Cure"
The success story of an unfortunate woman. She is a national superwoman who never wanted to be a kind daughter, daughter-in-law or a wife, but was unwillingly sacrificed by her family.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2018/10/14

Yoon Jong-hoon and So Yu-jin

Yoon Jong-hoon

Shim Jin-hwa and Shorry

Kwon So-hyun-I

Im Kang-sung