[Photos] Go Ara hides behind sunglasses in these stills for "Black"

Go Ara's character can see the shadows of people's deaths in "Black". To prevent those spectors from overwhelming her she wears sunglasses nearly all the time. In the stills we see how much her gift (or her curse) weighs on her. It's a heavy burden for her and I want to see how she weighs in against other visionaries like Gong Hyo-jin and Park Bo-young.

-Yours, Lisa, who doesn't want this kind of superpower

"Black" (2017)

Directed by Kim Hong-seon-I

Written by Choi Ran-I

Network : OCN

With Song Seung-heon, Go Ara, Kim Dong-jun, Kim Jae-young, Lee El, Kim Won-hae,...

Sat, Sun 22:00
A reaper borrows a human body and fall in love with a mortal woman who can see the shadows of death. He breaks the rules of heaven and thus completely disappears from the memory of the world in this drama.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/10/14