[Photos] New Stills Added for the Korean Drama "Homemade Love Story"

New stills added for the Korean drama "Homemade Love Story" (2020).

Directed by Hong Seok-goo

Written by Yoon Kyeong-ah

Network: KBS

With Jeon In-hwa, Jung Bo-suk, Hwang Shin-hye, Jin Ki-joo, Lee Jang-woo, Kim Sun-young,...

50 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:55 (2x40min episodes per day)
Re-run - Mon, Tue 23:10
Also known as "Oh! Samkwang Villa"
A drama about the people who live in 'Samkwang Villa' who were once strangers but get to know each other, open up and even fall in love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2020/09/19