[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Hush"

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Hush" (2020).


Directed by Choi Gyoo-sik

Written by Kim Jung-min-XI

Network: jTBC

With Hwang Jung-min, Yoona, Son Byung-ho, Kim Won-hae, Park Ho-san, Lee Seung-joon,...

16 episodes - Fri, Sat 23:00
"Hush" is a sympathetic and humane office drama based in a newspaper company, about the dilemma between the survival and conscience of reporters. It is based on an original novel called "Silence Alert". It is going to present compassion and comfort to viewers as it depicts the joys and sorrows of office workers.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2020/12/11