[Photos] Press Screening and Celebrity Cheer for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Saem"

Director Hwang Kyu-il, Ryu Abel and Choi Joon-young

Press screening and celebrity cheer for the upcoming Korean movie "Saem" (2017)

Directed by Hwang Kyu-il

With Choi Joon-young, Ryu Abel, Jo Jae-young, Kim Kyung-il, Jeon Woon-jong, Ryu Ki-san,...

Doo-sang has facial recognition disorder. He goes to Seoul in search of his first love Saem. Suddenly, three women appear in front of him. To him, they all look like Saem to him

Release date in Korea : 2018/11/29

Choi Joon-young and Ryu Abel

Ryu Abel

Choi Joon-young

Director Hwang Kyu-il

Ryu Abel

Choi Joon-young

Kim Da-mi

Park Jin-joo

Choi Deok-moon

Hwang Mi-young

Jang Haet-sal and director Shin Joon

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