[Photos] "The Piper" Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Sung-min, Chun Woo-hee and Lee Joon's character posters

Character posters for "The Piper" have been revealed.

The poster displays each of the main character with a copy that induces questions about the movie.

Ryu Seung-ryong plays Woo Ryong, a piper who goes around selling medicine and the background shows what's left of the past after a war.

Woo Ryong's expression hardens towards the people who are unfriendly to both him and his son.

Lee Sung-min plays the leader of the village who is also the most powerful. His charisma and silver hair stands out.

Chun Woo-hee looks like she's frightened to death. She plays Mi-sook who had to pretend to be a shawoman if she doesn't want to be driven out of the village.

Lee Joon is the son of the chief and he is hostile and full of passion.

The posters brings about curiosity about the movie.

"The Piper" is based on the motive of "Peter Piper". In the 1950s, a man and his son head into a village that's not even on a map and deal with the village people's secrets and the rats. The movie will be released on July 9th.

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