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Popularity rating of dramas in 2007, from top 5 to bottom 5

2008/01/07 Source

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As the year 2007 ended, the dramas are also changing its path. On 26th, SBS Wed-Thur drama, "Lobbyist" was finished, followed by KBS 2 "In-soon is Pretty" on 27th. Previously, KBS1 historical drama, "Dae Jo Yeong" was crowned with perfection on 23rd. The following is the summary of popularity rating of dramas in 2007 (data provided by TNS Media Korea), beginning with MBC serial drama "Bad Woman, Good Woman" which began on 1st January 2007.

In the Department of Mon-Tue dramas… Between the dominance of "Jumong", "My Man's Woman", "Coffee Prince", KBS was doomed, "Oh my God, What should we do?"

This year's KBS and SBS Mon-Tue dramas had a period of dark age due to MBC "Jumong". Strictly speaking, "Jumong" is the 'Old' drama, which began on 15th May 2006 and its leading actor Song Il-gook received a Grand Prize in 2006 MBC Drama Awards for his excellent performance. However, its popularity continued this year. When "Jumong" finally finished on 6th March, it recorded its maximum rating of 51.9%. Of course, this is the highest rating ever recorded this year. Even its average viewing rate was 41%. Ever since 2000, this record is the 3rd highest average rating, after "Dae Jang Geum" (4l.6%) and "Lovers in Paris" (41.5%).

After "Jumong" was finished, SBS "My Man's Woman" took the lead. Either by the talent of popular script writer, Kim Su-hyun; or by superb performance by Kim Hee-ae, Bae Jong-ok and Ha Yoo-mi; or by the presence of naïve man Kim Sang-joong between these dominant women, the drama reached its maximum rating of 38.7% and Ha Yoo-mi was given a title of 'Nation's sister' for her fine performance. Therefore post-"Jumong" was taken by "My Man's Woman".

Then the baton was handed over to MBC "Coffee Prince". From 2nd July to 27th August, Yoon Eun-hye, Gong Yoo, Chae Jung-an and Lee Seon-gyoon was at the center of hot topics. Despite its public attention and strong support from netizens, the rating of the last episode was rather low at 27.7%. From then, MBC "Yi San" (began on 17th September, starring Lee Seo-jin, Han Ji-min and Lee Soon-jae) had been keeping up the reign after catching up with SBS "King and I", which made earlier start than "Yi San". On 25th December, "Yi San" recorded the rating of 28.9% and "'King and I" resulted 16%.

Then who would have been the biggest victim here? Of course, it was KBS. It was devastated and was almost buried in the grave. Beginning with Park Geon-hyeong and Lee Ha-na's "When Spring Comes" (First episode 5.3%, last episode 15.6%); Lee Da-hae and Lee Ji-hoon's "Hello, Miss" (19th March (14.8%) - 8th May (9.7%)); Cha Tae-hyun and Kang Hye-jung's "Flowers For My Life" (14th May (7.5%) - 3rd July (5.3%)); Lee Chun-hee and Kim Ha-eun's "Seoul's Sad Song" (9th July (7.5%) - 31st July (5.8%)); and Yang Dong-geun and Park Min-yeong's "I Am Sam" (6th August (6.5%) - 2nd October (6.1%)) have all been utterly defeated.

Next in line, "Evasive Inquiry Agency" (starring Lee Min-ki, Ye Ji-won and Ryoo Seung-soo) resulted even lower rating (3.4% on 27th November) than what it started with (4.0% on 8th Octoer), despite passionate encouragements and supports from netizens. Its follow up, "Bad Love" (began on 3rd December) haven't made any significant breakthrough in the competition with "Yi San" and "King and I", despite kwon Sang-woo and Lee Yo-won's dramatic performance. On 25th December, it recorded 9.2% rating and at this point, one could clearly see that all medicines proved useless for KBS Mon-Tue drama department.
In the Department of Wed-Thu dramas… either "War of Money" or "The Legend"

Before the monstrous drama, "The Legend" made its grand appearance; the stage for this year's Wed-Thu drama was dominated by SBS. Ever since Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jung-eun's "Lovers" (8th November 2006 – 11th January 2007) took an honourable leave with its maximum rating of 25.3%, SBS showed strong dominance in Wed-Thu drama department.

As a follow up of "Lovers", "Surgeon Bong Dal-hee" (starring Lee Yo-won, Lee Beom-soo and Kim Min-joon) reached its maximum rating of 29.3% on its last episode on 15th March. However, Han Ga-in and Jae Hee's "A Witch in Love" (21st March – 10th May) couldn't even reach 20% and SBS had to hand over its first place to MBC "Thank You".

However, this was not long before this year's one of the most popular drama, "War of Money" was televised in SBS on 16th May. It was interesting to see Park Shin-yang as a private moneylender who had been a sweet lover in his previous drama, "Lovers in Paris". The drama issued the high interest rate of loaning companies, which was the hot potato at that moment and the strong interest from the viewers have ultimately led to high viewing rating. On its last episode on 5th July, it recorded its highest rating of 36.0% and crowned with perfection. Its follow up "How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor" (25th July – 27th September) also resulted a reasonable rating (around 15%).

However, in comparison, MBC failed to overpower its rival stations on Wed-Thu drama department, despite the success of Jang Hyuk and Seo Sin-ae's "Thank You" (21st March – 10th May) and Lee Joon-gi , Jung Kyung-ho and Nam Sang-mi's "Time Between Dog and Wolf - Drama". In meantime, "Prince Hours" (10th January – 15th March) and "Merry Mary" (16th May – 5th July) resulted a miserable rating of 4.6% and 5.5%.

Excluding the success of Chae Rim and Lee Min-ki's "Dalja's Spring" (3rd January (14.9%) – 15th March (18.4%)); the KBS Wed-Thu dramas including "Devil" (final rating of 8.3% on 24th Many); "Capital Scandal" (final rating of 7.9% on 1st August); and "Sa Yook Shin" (final rating of 2.2% on 1st Novermber) have all resulted miserable ratings.

However, the dominance of SBS Wed-Thu dramas such as "Surgeon Bong Dal-hee" and "War of Money" came to a sudden stop by MBC "The Legend", which began on 12th September. The grand castings of Bae Yong-joon, Yoon Tae-young, Moon So-ri and Lee Ji-ah; and 43 billion-won blockbuster "The Legend" reached its highest rating of 35.7% when it finished on 5th December and placed itself as the prince in the department of Wed-Thu dramas with praises such as "Just as expected from producer Kim Jong-hak, just as expected from Bae Yong-joon". As result, SBS "Lobbyist" and KBS "In-soon is Pretty" had a tough time against "The Legend"'s popularity.

In the Department of weekend dramas... "A Happy Woman", "Golden Era of Daughter in Law", KBS finally took the lead on weekends

First of all, the weekend dramas before 9 were traditionally dominated by KBS. It is no exaggeration to say this time slot on weekend had been occupied by two KBS weekend dramas, "A Happy Woman" (6th January – 21st July/ starring Yoon Jeong-hee, Jung Gyu-woon, Kim Suk-hoon and Moon Jeong-hee) and "Golden Era of Daughter in Law" (began on 28th July/ starring Lee Soo-kyeong, Song Seon-mi, Jang Hyun-sung, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Lee Pil-mo and Seo Yeong-hee). The highest rating for "A Happy Woman" was 33.6% and on its very last day, it managed 31.7%, putting a successful end to its long journey. "Golden Era of Daughter in Law" is also resulting around 30% rating, placing itself on the top among other weekend dramas of the same time slot.

In comparison, MBC and SBS weren't strong enough for KBS' match. MBC tried to reverse the situation with "My Beloved Sister" (12th August 2006 – 18th February 2007/ starring Kim Sung-soo, Song Yoon-ah, Kang Kyung-joon, Heo Young-ran) on its highest rating (23%) but it was already too late and its final ration was 15.1%. "Kimcheed Radish Cubes" (began on 18th August/ starring Kim Seung-soo, Yoo Ho-jeong, Kim Bo-kyung and Park Shin-hye) has average 15% rating, which is far too short to catch up with "Golden Era of Daughter in Law".

In meanwhile, SBS historical drama "Yun Gae So Moon" (8th July 2006 – 17th June 2007) failed to break down the spirits of KBS weekend dramas or the fixed viewing group of KBS and MBC main news at 9 o'clock. Even the exchange of young Yun Gae So Moon, Lee Tae-gon to his older version, Yoo Dong-geun was not good enough to bring the viewer back to SBS on weekend nights. As result, it took a silent leave on 14.1% ratings. However, the only comfort for SBS at this moment is that its follow up, "Golden Bride" (began on 23rd June/ starring Lee Yeong-ha, Kim Mi-sook, Choi Yeo-jin, Song Chang-ee) is on a stable state, reaching up to 25%.

In the Department of weekend dramas... There is nothing that could stop "Dae Jo Yeong" but "White Tower"

Then what was it like for the late weekend dramas after 9 o'clock? The answer is "Dae Jo Yeong". At least on a popularity-wise, "Dae Jo Yeong" (16th September 2006 – 23rd December 2007) had absolutely no other competitor until its last episode was on-air at 30.8% rating. Within last two years with a total of 134 episodes, the drama's hero, Choi Soo-jong continued his legend of "victory on historical dramas", which had been proved by his previous historical dramas such as "Taejo of Goryeo" and "Emperor of The Sea".

The only drama that could have back down the dominance of "Dae Jong Yong" was "White Tower", which received higher praises and attention than the ratings. The drama was based on the internal affair within a hospital with strong focus on Kim Myung-min's ambition and craving for power; and was commented to open a new path for male dramas. Stars including Kim Myung-min, Lee Seon-gyoon, Song Seon-mi, Kim Chang-wan and Byun Hee-bong have all played their part with high enthusiasm and its highest rating was 23.2% on its last episode.

From then, following MBC weekend dramas including "Que Sera, Sera" (17th March – 13th May/ starring Eric Mun, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Kyu-han and Yoon Ji-hye); the top star, Lee Jung-jae's come back drama, "Air City" (19th May – 8th July); Soo-ae and Lee Jung-jin's "9 End 2 Outs" (14rh July – 9th September) have all resulted around 10% rating, despite public popularity of their leading actors. The recent Yoon Sang-hyeon and Park Seon-yeong couple's "Winter Bird" (began on 15rh September) have enhanced the enjoyment of weekend nights but not strongly enough to make a breakthrough to reach 15% rating.

Thankfully, SBS could kept their pride on the surface with Sin Eun-kyeong and Ryoo Soo-yeong "Bad Couple" (3rd June – 22nd July) and Uhm Jung-hwa and Oh Ji-ho's "Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung". In "Bad Couple", Kim Dang-ja (Sin Eun-kyeong) who claims "Marriage No, Children Yes" became pregnant with Ryoo Soo-yeong's child, suffers from cervical cancer, goes through some other complications, but end up give birth to two child and have a happy ending. It had 14.1% rating on its last episode and "Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung" resulted 14.7%.

In comparison, the final rating for Lee Mi-yeon and Yoon Kye-sang's "Crazy for Love" (3rd February – 1st April) was 9.5%; and Ko So-young and Park Jeong-cheol's "Blue Fish" (7th April – 27th May) was 4.9%. However, on-airing "First Wives' Club" (began on 29th September/ starring Oh Hyun-kyeong, Kim Hye-sun, Oh Dae-gyoo and Son Hyeon-joo) is about to pass 20% rating.

In the Department of serial dramas… Whether you like it or not, "Likable or Not" ("I Hate You, But It's Fine") is at the top.

Once again, KBS took the lead in the department of serial dramas. Its previous dramas including "My Precious Child" (2004); "My Sweetheart, My Darling" (14th February -23rd September 2005); "Bizarre Bunch" (26th September 2005 – 19th May 2006); "Hearts of Nineteen" (22nd May 2006 – 12th January 2007) have form the basis already. This year's first KBS serial drama, Park Hae-jin and Han Hyo-joo couple's "By Land and Sky" (5th January – 31st August 2007) was happily come to an end at 35.9% rating. Its highest rating was 36.1%, recorded on its second last day.

Its follow up, "Likable or Not" ("I Hate You, But It's Fine") (began on 1st September/ starring Kim Ji-suk, Han Ji-hye, Jo Dong-hyuk and Yoo In-young) is enjoying a tremendous popularity at the moment, where it reached the highest rating of 35% on 4th December. Its rival drama, Wang Hee-ji and Kim Min-sung's MBC "Queen of Ahyun" (began on 16th July) is on 40 minutes earlier and has about 20% rating at the moment. MBC's first serial drama in 2007, "Bad Woman Good Woman" (1st January -13th July/ starring Choi Jin-sil, Lee Jae-ryong, Seong Hyeon-ah and Jeon No-min) reached the final rating of 23.1%.

What are the top 5 popular dramas of the year? Of course, "Jumong" is the No. 1
It's not an everyday event to see a drama that reached the Golden Wall of 50% viewing rating. Of course, it's not an average rating, but its highest ever recorded throughout the length of the drama. As one expected, we are talking about "Jumong" here. In the episode on 6th March, Koguryo and Buyo combined forces to engage in warfare with China, which led to an astonishing 51.9% rating. In particular, this episode recorded 56.4% in Daegu area.

Subsequently, according to their highest rating ever reached, Kim Hee-ah and Bae Jong-ok's "My Man's Woman" (38.7%) took 2nd place; and Park Hae-jin and Han Hyo-joo's "By Land and Sky" (36.1%) came 3rd place. Then followed by "War of the money" (36.0%) and "The Legend" (35.7%). In addition, "Likable or Not" ("I Hate You, But It's Fine") have just reached its highest rating (35.0%) on 4th December.

What are the bottom 5 dramas on the popularity list? "Sa Yook Shin", "Evasive Inquiry Agency" etc.

There are many who brought disgrace upon their broadcasting station with their shameful rating. A good example is KBS "Sa Yook Shin", (began on 8th August) which is a collaborate work between North and South Korea. Despite an excellent performance by North Korean actors including Park Sung-ouk, Kim Ryun-hwa and Cho Myeong-ah, it recorded 2.2% rating on the last day. Its lowest rating is 1.9% on 24th October. Some officials made a comment that the reason why "The Legend" reached such high rating is because of "Sa Yook Shin"'s terrible rating, which was on the same time as "The Legend".

KBS "Evasive Inquiry Agency" (starring Lee Min-ki, Ye Ji-won, Ryoo Seung-soo and Lee Eun-sung) reached the lowest rating of 2.4% on 20th November. The drama is based on the journey of these four people in finding Emperor Gojong's hidden treasure. Despite their shameful rating, some netizens praised it to be a "well-made drama". On the one hand, MBC "Merry Mary" was on match with "War of Money" and resulted the lowest rating of 4.0% and made a silent leave on 5th July with 5.5% rating. In addition, Se7en's first drama, MBS "Prince Hours" recorded its lowest rating of 4.2% on its second last day; and Ko So-young's come back drama in 9 years, SBS "Blue Fish" had the lowest rating of 4.9% on the last day on 27th May.

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