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"Quick" is Speeding Its Way to the United States and Canada! +Win FREE Tickets!

2011/08/12 Source

"Quick" redefines the Korean blockbuster and blasts away the summer heat!
The speed maniac and motorcycle messenger Gi-su receives a mysterious call when he is about to take Arom, his ex-girlfriend and a member of a girl band, to a live broadcast. Suddenly, a mysterious voice on the phone warns that there is a bomb wire to Arom's helmet and that a package must be delivered to a designated address within 30 minutes. "Remove the helmet or fail to complete the mission and the bomb goes off".

...As the clock is ticking, the two begin a race against time to stay alive.

Release Date: August 19, 2011
Los Angeles, CA- CGV Cinemas
Dallas, TX-AMC Grapevine Mills
Houston, TX-AMC Studio 30
Ridgefield Park, NJ-AMC RIdgefield Park
North Wales, PA- AMC 309 Cinema
Alexandria, VA - AMC Hoffman
Atlanta, GA - AMC Colonial
Chicago, IL -AMC Northbrook
Toronto, ON - AMC Yonge & Dundas 24
Release Date: August 26, 2011
Las Vegas, NV-Rave Motion Pictures Towns Square 18
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Speed maniac and motorcycle messenger Gi-su receives a mysterious call while delivering a special package, Arom, a member of a girl band short on time en route to a live broadcast.

The mysterious voice on the phone warns that there's a bomb wired to her helmet and that a package must be delivered to a designated address within 30 minutes. Remove the helmet or fail to complete the mission and the bomb goes off.

Caught up in a bomb attack on the grandest scale smack in the middle of the city, the messenger and his passenger begin a race against time that everyone's lives depend on.


"Quick" redefines the Korean blockbuster and blasts away the summer heat.
The high-octane action blockbuster "Quick" heralds the coming of a new type of Korean blockbuster- a gratifying and thrilling movie that will blast the summer heat away.

Solid and robust storytelling and character composition, and tension tempered by laughter are the proof that every scene in "Quick" was strategically planned and devised in the finest detail to create the pinnacle of movie entertainment for thrill-seeking audiences.  

"The helmet will explode if the bomb is not delivered in 30 minutes", This ominous and urgent narrative set-up provides the intensity that will make palms sweat. At the same time, the intense 300 kilometers per hour speeds and grand scale explosions deliver extravagant spectacle.

Finally, established mainstream actors Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon are at their powerful and unique best, and Ko Chang-seok and Joo Jin-mo-I are on hand to shake things up. This seamless combination of performers comes together in a perfect personality cocktail that ensures both laughter and excitement.  

"Quick" will leave its mark on the history of Korean blockbusters with a style never before seen and is sure to take its place as the must-see film of the summer.

A casting triumph! Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon.
Producer JK Youn, a man with the Midas touch, truly believes that "casting is as important as marital compatibility". He did not hesitate in selecting Lee Min-ki, Kang Ye-won, and Kim In-kwon to make up the lead cast of "Quick".

Lee Min-ki, who is an avid motorcyclist in real life, shows total immersion in his speed demon character Gi-su. Upgrading his attractiveness by combining thrill- and speed-seeking brute manliness with innocent charm, he is configured into a lethal heartthrob.

Beginning with "Haeundae", and playing an enormous role in making "Harmony" and "Hello Ghost" successful hits, Kang Ye-won is emerging as one of the most bankable actresses in Korea. In "Quick" Kang Ye-won exudes an irresistible, pixie-like sexiness as girl group member Arom.

Kim In-won was recognized as the top comic actor in Korea after taking his first lead role in "He's on Duty". In "Quick" he is responsible for delivering laughs as traffic cop Myeong-sik, who has a natural instinct for speed.

The three actors collaborated previously in "Haeundae" and not only did they meet director JK Youn's expectations in bringing out the personalities of the characters, they surpassed his expectations by showing an indescribable degree of teamwork and proved that they form a dream trio. The reunion of the team that helped "Haeundae" attract 10 million viewers will compel people to ask, "What new records will they break?"

Showcasing the confidence in the team that brought us "Haeundae"
As director, JK Youn steered the Korean disaster epic "Haeundae" to blockbuster status, drawing 10 million viewers. He also helmed "My Boss, My Hero", "Sex Is Zero", "Miracle on 1st Street", and has crossed genre lines as producer of "My Lovely Week", "Harmony" and "My Dear Desperado". What's his secret to continuous box office success? Probably presenting circumstances that are authentically Korean but that are also universally appealing. JK Youn has accurately grasped and predicted what audiences were curious about and interested in, and satisfied those needs.

Youn and the "Haeundae" crew's latest production, "Quick", is an ambitious, special project, 4 years in the making with a budget of KRW 10 billion. Director Jo Beom-goofaced a challenge in creating a new genre of high-speed action and pioneering a new style of blockbuster, which has never been seen in Korea.

With the familiar delivery service at the heart of the action, the frantic backdrop of Seoul, and Hollywood visuals, "Quick" is on track to raise the domestic movie industry and confirm the capability of the "Haeundae" production team.


100 vehicles totaled amid the vivid action of the busy city
Director Jo Beom-gooand the production team poured their time and money into capturing the vivid high-speed scenes at the speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Shooting in iconic central locations around the city of Seoul, the production team had to collaborate at the highest levels!. Because of the crowds and traffic in centrally located Myung-dong, the team even memorized the timing of traffic signals so that they could shoot just at the right moment-at lightning speeds.  

An army of vehicles were mobilized for the shoot as well. Fifty cars and trucks were purchased specifically to be destroyed, and another 20 were purchased or donated for the movie. In addition, 30 motorbikes were used, for a grand total of about 100 vehicles and bikes sacrificed to the action.

And to capture all these scenes, up to 8 cameras were in use at any given time. High-speed scenes were completed because of the exhaustive planning, preparation, and passion of the crew. The result? Stylish, electrifying action visuals that will result in 100% viewer captivation and satisfaction.  

The journey to completing realistic visuals and the introduction of Doggiecam Sparrow 200 and remote control system
Due to the lack of appropriate equipment available in Korea, the team initially faced limitations to shooting at high speeds. Refusing to limit the speed of the action, Director of Photography Kim Young-ho traveled to Los Angeles to secure a Sparrow Remote Head for the Doggiecam, a favorite of high-impact directors Michael Bay and Tony Scott, and the first time this equipment was used in Asia.

Thanks to the Sparrow Head equipment, shooting speeds, normally between 70 and 80 kilometers per hour, were increased to between a staggering 170 and 200 kph. Various compositions, shooting techniques and CG were used, resulting in visuals of the bike reaching 300 kilometers per hour.

In addition to high-speed scenes, another visual spectacle is the explosions. For scenes where 2 or 3 cars explode simultaneously, special effects director Hong Jang-pyo air freighted in the most advanced wireless remote control system, never before used or even available in Korea. The resulting explosion scenes are full of spectacle, realistic tension and are of such quality that up to this point they were synonymous only with Hollywood. Audiences will be unable to tear their eyes from the screen.

With a license to ride, the cast naturally takes to the bike action
"Quick" awakened the basic instinct for speed of the three main actors. Since most of the movie is comprised of riding scenes, motorbike licenses were a must. As soon as Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon were cast, the first thing they did was to obtain 250cc motorbike licenses. Kang went one step further and immediately notified the crew of her intention to shoot the bike action herself. Along with Kim, she started to practice riding, and the pair was ready before production began. Stunt doubles were only used for the more difficult scenes.

Lee Min-ki, on the other hand, had been riding for years and shot all the difficult action scenes himself without the use of a stuntman.  

The crew's burning enthusiasm shows in it willingness to sacrifice  
Because of all the dangerous shooting involved in "Quick", injuries both large and small were frequent on the set. For the stunt crew, who featured in the highly difficult action scenes, every moment risked an accident and was laced with tension.  

Abrasions were common from the action scenes and hardly worth mentioning. Costumes and props were burned from multiple explosions, making every moment of the shoot fraught with apprehension. In such a hazardous environment, the action and special effects teams could not afford to miss even the smallest detail.  

Directing and production staff and the emergency medical and rescue teams stayed alert. Nevertheless, there was great teamwork and lots of laughter-even during the toughest shooting scenes thanks to the pride and passion of being part of a crew that was aware it was making Korean film history.


"Why are you doing this to me!"
Gi-Su: A messenger caught up in a series of bombings

He spent his fortune on a BMW motorbike and can go from Chungdam-dong to Sangam in 18 minutes. He is Gi-su, the "crazy fast" courier. The only thing he's interested in is speed. One day, along with a girl group idol, he gets thrust into the center of a bomb conspiracy.
A new generation Korean actor – Lee Min-ki

After making his debut in "A Good Day to Have an Affair", he was cast in weighty films such as "Haeundae" and "A Million" where he further showcased his talent. The innocent, shy rescue worker he embodied in "Haeundae" also won him widespread adoration.

As Han Gi-su, the messenger in "Quick" who has to deliver a bomb, he retains his fresh, innocent persona, but also shows his speed-demon, masculine charms. With his alternately unsullied and stylish personality, he is set to capture even more female hearts.

"A Million" (2009), "Oishi Man" (2008), "Romantic Island" (2008), "A Good Day to Have an Affair" (2007), "Haeundae" (2009)

"We're delivering a bomb!"
Arom: Calling a delivery service finds a girl group idol caught as collateral
Arom is a member of the popular girl group OK Girls. Due to her tight schedule, she decides to use a messenger service for a ride and puts on a helmet that contains a bomb. She can neither remove the helmet nor move more than 10 meters away from Gi-su. Having no choice, she has to bite the bullet and accompany Gi-su on a dangerous journey.
Multi-talented actress Kang Ye-won effortlessly juggles comedy with action
She gained popularity as a result of her role in "Haeundae" as the immature Hee-Mi and as the object of desire for Lee Min-ki. Now she makes up one half of the "Haeundae Couple".  

In "Harmony" she played an inmate with family problems. In "Hello Ghost" she was a cold hospice nurse. Kang has had ample opportunity to show off her talent in a handful of diverse roles. In "Quick", in order to fully capture Arom, she got a motorbike license and mastered dancing and singing. She looks beautiful doing all of it in "Quick", and she is primed to win over audiences once again.

"Hello Ghost" (2010), "Harmony" (2009), "Haeundae" (2009), "Miracle on 1st Street" (2007)

"An Eye for an Eye, a tooth for a tooth…and a biker for a biker!"
Myeong-sik: A traffic cop who was born to burn rubber
When he sees Gi-su delivering a bomb at lightning speeds, his own repressed urge for speed bubbles to the surface. He screams "Speed racer for a speed racer", and follows him on his police motorbike.
Recognized master of comic acting – Kim In-kwon
In "He's on Duty", Kim In-kwon took the starring role as Bang Tae-sik, who pretends to be a foreign worker in order to find a job. He captured hearts by seamlessly blending comedy and emotion. In "Quick" he finds himself in an ironic situation where he can't speed because he is a traffic cop-and Kim adds his comic touch to this ironic situation as only he can.  

"He's on Duty" (2010), "Secret" (2009), "Haeundae" (2009), "Fate" (2008), "Miss Gold Digger" (2007), "Love So Divine" (2004), "Once Upon A Time In Highschool" (2004)

"The nutjob is going around setting off bombs in the city!"
Detective Seo: A veteran cop baffled by terror right in the middle of the city
Seoul, Namdong Division, Vice Unit. Seo struggles to catch Gi-su in order to find the criminal behind the daytime terrorist attacks, right in the middle of the city, with traffic officer Myung-sik
Chungmuro's biggest scene-stealer - Ko Chang-seok
Ko Chang-seok played the warm-hearted director Bong in "Rough Cut", and created the memorable Vietnamese gangster boss in "Secret Reunion". Last year he was part of the supporting cast in "The Showdown", "Hello Ghost", and "Barefoot Dream", revealing his charismatic presence on his way to becoming one of the busiest actors in Korea. In "Quick" he takes on the role of a warm-hearted detective who is defined by his cheerful laughter amid a tense situation.  

"Barefoot Dream" (2010), "The Showdown" (2010), "Hello Ghost" (2010), "Secret Reunion" (2010), "Rough Cut" (2008), "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance" (2005)


"In "Quick", I've shot enough high-speed scenes to last a lifetime"
Director Jo Beom-goo
Shepherding the birth of high-speed entertainment and filling the screen with explosive energy
With its edgy take on punks and stylish action, director Jo Beom-goo's "Ddukbang" revealed an aesthetic full of personality and energy. Now Cho takes on a new challenge with "Quick", which he has been preparing for 5 years.

With the determination to make a, "fun movie that everyone can enjoy", Cho threw up a brave challenge to the status quo by demanding a new genre, the "speed action blockbuster", to push the boundaries that define the Korean movie.

To achieve more satisfying visuals, he was first in Korea to utilize the Doggiecam. In addition to using the remote control, even after production began and if the weather permitted, he took the equipment out and continued shooting.

Thanks to such efforts, he was able to transplant the physical drama that he showed in his previous works to the motorbike, resulting in cool, refreshing, white-knuckled entertainment that overflows with energy.

His determination to visualize everything that he has imagined has created a type of film never seen before, marking a new chapter in the history of Korean movies.

"Quick" (2011), "Ddukbang" (2006), "The Bad Utterances" (2004), "The Travel" (2000) [short film], "The Rainy Season" (1996) [short film]

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