[Ratings] "Partners for Justice Season 2" and "Perfume" Premieres Battle It Out

"Perfume" and "Partners for Justice Season 2" began broadcasting at the same time.

According to Nielsen Korea, the MBC drama "Partners for Justice Season 2" rated 3.7% and 5.7%.

KBS 2TV drama "Perfume" rated 5.0% and 6.4%, which is ahead of "Partners for Justice Season 2". SBS drama "The Secret Life of My Secretary" rated 3.1% and 3.7%. Over on cable, jTBC's "The Wind Blows" rated 3.0% and tvN's "Abyss" rated 2.7%.

"Partners for Justice Season 2", MBC's first season drama, continues the tale of a forensic scientist Baek Beom (Jung Jae-young) and a prosecutor Eun-sol (Jung Yoo-mi) who make the best of teams.

"Perfume" is a romantic comedy drama about a middle-aged woman who falls into despair after the destruction of the family she devoted her whole life to, and a man who messes things up because he lacks the courage to tackle love.

Meanwhile, "Partners for Justice Season 2" is on at 9PM every Monday and Tuesday and "Perfume" is on at 10PM.

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