[Ratings] "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2" Reaches 16%, TV CHOSUN's All-Time High

"Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2" ended, breaking its own records.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, TV CHOSUN's record-breaking weekend drama "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2" recorded yet again, its own highest rating at 16.582% (Ep.16).

This is an increase from 14.811% (Ep.15) which was also its highest record. Currently, "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2" is the highest rated TV CHOSUN drama, surpassing the drama's first season, "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce" with 9.656% (Ep.8).

tvN's "The Devil Judge" also recorded its highest rating with 6.431% (Ep.12), a slight increase from 6.321% (Ep.13).

Meanwhile, KBS2's "Revolutionary Sisters" finally recovered from the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic" effect, jumping back to the 30% range with 30.4% (Ep.39), up from 24.3% (Ep.38).

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