[Ratings] "Show Window: The Queen's House" Drops to 1%

"Show Window: The Queen's House" fell to the 1% range.


According to Nielsen Korea, Channel A's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Show Window: The Queen's House" which aired on the 30th, recorded a 1.752% (Ep.2) viewer rating based on paid broadcasting households nationwide.

This is a decrease compared to 2.049% (Ep.2) viewer rating in the previous episode. In just two episodes, it fell to a 1% rating, drawing attention.

JTBC's "IDOL: The Coup" recorded 0.751% (Ep.8) an increase from its lowest rating of 0.354% (Ep.7).

KBS 2TV's "The King's Affection" recorded 8.8% (Ep.16) of the nation's household ratings, down 1.15% points from 9.9% (Ep.15) in the previous episode.

Meanwhile, tvN's "Secret Royal Inspector Joy" recorded 4.332% (Ep.8) from 3.912% (Ep.7).