[Ratings] "Voice 4", "Imitation", and Other Friday-Saturday Dramas Record Highest Ratings

tvN's "Voice 4" and KBS2's "Imitation" broke their own records.


According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, tvN's Friday-Saturday drama "Voice 4" which broadcasted on the 26th, recorded 3.885% (Ep.4).

This is an increase from 3.391% (Ep.4) recorded in the previous episode and is its current highest rating.

SBS' Friday drama "The Penthouse 3" records its lowest rating at 17.1% (Ep.4) down from 17.5% (Ep.3).

Meanwhile, KBS2's Friday drama "Imitation" records its highest rating of 1.3% (Ep.8), an increase from 0.9% (Ep.7) recorded in the previous episode.

For the weekend dramas, JTBC's Saturday drama "Nevertheless" dropped from 2.207% (Ep.1) to 1.253% (Ep.2).

TV CHOSUN's Saturday-Sunday drama "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2" recorded its highest rating at 6.418% (Ep.5), a slight increase from 6.219% (Ep.4).

MBN's "Bossam: Steal the Fate" also recorded its own highest rating at 8.959% (Ep.17), a slight increase from 8.44% (Ep.16).

tvN's "MINE" dropped to 8.720 (Ep.15) ahead of its ending, and KBS2's "Revolutionary Sisters" recorded 29.5% (Ep.29).