"Romance Blue" Park Min-woo and Kim Ji-an's park date

Pictures of Park Min-woo (Min-woo) and Kim Ji-an (Ji-an) from the web-drama "Romance Blue" on a park date were revealed on the 26th.

Park Min-woo is posing playfully behind Kim Ji-an or is smiling brightly or leaning on a tree.

Kim Ji-an looks innocent and loveable on the other hand. She has white flowers in her hair with a V on her fingers. Her half-moon smile adds more love to her character.

Park Min-woo and Kim Ji-an spread the 'happy virus' to everyone as they shot this scene. They are actually a man and a woman who suffer from severe loneliness and isolation.

Meanwhile, "Romance Blue" is about the life of a woman who writes letters with a man who has dates with different people every day.

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