Seo In-guk, Jung Woo and Ryu Jun-yeol, who's your ideal type?

The "Answer" / "Respond" series is successful once again.

It's only been four episodes but Hye-ri's (Seong Deok-seon) is in search for husband material.

Until now, Ryu Jun-yeol (Kim Jeong-hwan) is most likely and he has the support of the viewers. He seems uncaring and cold hearted but reveals his feelings to the girl he likes. He protected Hye-ri from a crowded bus as she couldn't keep her balance. This was seen in Seo In-guk from "Answer Me 1997" and Jung Woo "Answer Me 1994".

What are the things that these guys do that melts the heart?

- The bluntness of a Kyeongsang-do guy

Seo In-guk (Yoon Yoon-je) only had eyes for Jung Eun-ji (Seong Si-won). Shin So-yul (Mo Yoo-jeong) gave him the carton of milk she was drinking from and he threw out the straw inside but when Jung Eun-ji gave him her milk, he drank straight from the straw. When she had soup on her face he wiped it clean for her like it was nothing. This went on until they became grown-ups. Writer Jung Eun-ji asked Seo In-guk to star in one of her shows as the youngest judge. He wiped a pen mark from her face then too. Also, when Jung Eun-ji was late for something, he mumbled, "This girl's driving me crazy".

- An indifferent guy known as 'Trash'

Jung Woo is Trash. He is quite untidy as he doesn't change his clothes for more than a week. However, his feelings for Go Ara are as warm as ever. When she had pains in her back and couldn't go out, he pretended not to hear her request for snacks but went out to get some and threw it in the living room. He pretends not to care about things but gets the point. He is rough but manly when it comes to expressing his feelings and he's a medical student unlike his nickname 'Trash'.

- The gentle bus guy

Ryu Jun-yeol has been expressing his feelings for Hye-ri more eagerly now. He waits for her outside when it's raining and keeps Hye-ri from falling in a crowded bus. The veins in his arms are about to burst keeping her balanced in the bus. The two of them also hide in a narrow alleyway while they are on a school trip. Ryu Jun-yeol tries to deny the feelings he has for Hye-ri but accepts it in the end. He is also surprised at the physical changes that he goes through. He also speaks to her uncaringly and says things like 'get lost' and 'hey'.