Sequel to "200 Pounds Beauty" planned

Korean production company KM Culture has announced plans to make a sequel to the popular romantic comedy "200 Pounds Beauty".

A script is currently being written by Lee Han-I, the screenwriter responsible for the TV drama "Bodyguard". In the sequel, the main character Hanna once again gains weight and struggles to establish herself as a real singer.

The director and main cast for the film have yet to be determined, although actress Kim Ah-joong has expressed an interest in seeing the completed script.

The announcement is one in a long list of popular Korean films for which sequels are being planned. Production house Chungeorahm is readying a follow-up to Korea's box office record holder "The Host", with a script written by well-known comic writer Kang Full and a planned budget exceeding $11 million. Other films with sequels in the works include "Tazza: The High Rollers" ("Tazza: The High Rollers")and "Le Grand Chef".

"200 Pounds Beauty" was released in December 2006 and ultimately sold more than 6.6 million tickets, making it the most popular Korean comedy of all time.

Darcy Paquet (KOFIC)