"Sign" vs "My Princess", rating war '0.1% tie'

SBS TV Wednesday Thursday night drama "Sign" took the lead but Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon are right behind it.

According to AGB Neilson Media Research on the 7th, "Sign" recorded a national rate of 17.7% on the night of the 6th. This is 1.6% more than the first episode. "My Princess" that was aired at the same time recorded 17.6%.

It was just a 0.1% difference. "Sign" took the lead on the first episode by 0.2%. Therefore, the real judgment can only be made next week.

On the second episode of "Sign", it causes tension as forensic doctor Yoon Ji-hoon (Park Shin-yang), a rookie examinant Ko Da-kyung (Kim Ah-joong) and detective Choi Lee-han (Jung Gyu-woon) try to investigate the cause for idol star Seo Yoon-hyeong's mystery death while Lee Myeong-han (Jun Kwang-ryul) tries to cover it up.

Meanwhile, drama "President" recorded 7.7% and seemed to be far behind "Sign" and "My Princess".