SON Ye-jin as a Criminal Kingpin

Son Ye-jin has been cast in the action thriller "Open City" (Moobangbi Dosi). She will play a femme fatale who leads an international criminal organization. Kim Myung-min will play opposite of SON and Lee Sang-gi is directing the film.

KIM will play an investigator who is assigned on SON's case and things start to get complicated when SON's character becomes attracted to KIM's character. SON is a newcomer to the action genre and is preparing herself for the new physical challenges that await her from the end of July, when filming will commence. The film is scheduled for a release in December of this year.

SON was often cast as an innocent and sweet character in films like "The Classic" (2002). With her last film - the comedy "The Art of Seduction" (2005) - she already explored another kind of character, similar to her role in "Open City", a confident woman who easily wraps men around her finger.

Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC)