Song Hye-kyo - Ha Ji-won, first runner ups in various competitions 'Mass release of past pictures'

Stars who were first place runner ups in different competitions are an issue.

The SBS TV program " TV Entertainment At Night" looked at stars who were in first places in different competitions under the theme "What have you been first place in?"

Actress Shim Eun-ha made her debut with the first place in the Video Model Competition and actress Choi Kang-hee won first place in a Vitamin Model Competition. Hyun Bin's woman Song Hye-kyo and girl group T-ara's Jiyeon won first places in School Uniforms Model Competition.

These were all the earlier debt years of the stars and the program this day showed images along with their experiences.

Besides these, girl F(x)'s Sulli was first in the Pretty Girl Contest, Brown Eyed Girl's Miryo, Kim Tae-hee, Ha Ji-won and comedian Kim Kyung-jin revealed superior evaluation results in all subjects.

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