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Soyou's First Acting Challenge in KBS's "Drama Special - Clean and Polish"

Singer Soyou is tackling her first acting challenge.


Starship Entertainment announced that Soyou will be starring in her first drama, "Drama Special - Clean and Polish".

"Drama Special - Clean and Polish" is the 8th drama presented by the KBS Drama Special 2019. "Drama Special - Clean and Polish" is about the owner of a business cleaning up crime scenes and their employee finding the truth about a case that was almost washed away.

Soyou plays An-na's (Na Hye-mi) friend, policewoman Jeon Ji-hee. She has been friends with An-na since they started preparing for the police exam. She is a tough and ideal character with a sense of duty.

In the role of Mo An-na is Na Hye-mi, and Park Eun-seok plays Do Tae-rang.

Soyou delivered the message that she's happy to be in "Drama Special - Clean and Polish". "I'm nervous, but I think Jeon Ji-hee and I have a lot in common".

"I am going to work hard to make sure the viewers are able to become immersed in my character", she said.


"Drama Special - Clean and Polish" is directed by Na Soo-ji, written by Bae Soo-young, and features Park Eun-seok, Na Hye-mi, Soyou, Im Ji-kyu, Byung Hun. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/11/15~Upcoming, Fri 23:15 on KBS.

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