[Spoiler] "A Gentleman's Dignity" Jang Dong-gun calls Park Shin-yang from "Sign"

Park Sin-yang from "Sign" appeared in "A Gentleman's Dignity".

On the eighteenth episode of the SBS weekend drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" on the 22nd, Kim Do-jin (Jang Dong-gun), Im Tae-san (Kim Soo-ro), Choi Yoon (Kim Min-jong) and Lee Jeong-rok (Lee Jong-hyuk) dealt with an accident.

The four men bluffed in front of the twenty-something year old who hit them in the car from the back. Choi Yoon called the Chief Justice of them Supreme Court and Kim Do-jin called Yoon Ji-hoon (Park Shin-yang) from the drama "Sign". Lee Jeong-rok called his wife and bluffed on the phone while Im Tae-san bluffed he was going to call the National Police Agency.

Kim Do-jin pretended to call somewhere and asked for Yoon Ji-hoon but soon after said, "What? He's dead?" and aroused laughter. For real, Yoon Ji-hoon chose death as a victim to prove Kang Seo-yeon's (Hwang Sun-hee) murder in the drama "Sign".

However, the young man called the insurance company and apologized on the spot and the four felt awkward. They felt ashamed for the way they acted, like the old men they were becoming.

Meanwhile, Kim Do-jin's first love in the drama has been set up to be the same name as the writer Kim Eun-hee from "Ghost - Drama" and slightly promoted the drama by mentioning So Ji-sub's name.

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