[Spoiler] "Bad Thief, Good Thief" Shin Eun-jung, dead or alive?

Shin Eun-jung tried to kill herself after losing her son.


On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Bad Thief, Good Thief", Min Hae-won (Shin Eun-jung) tried to commit suicide.

Jang Pan-soo (Ahn Kil-gang) saved Min Hae-won and Kim Soo-hyeon from the fire, and while Min Hae-won was out of consciousness, he saw those who wanted to kidnap Kim Soo-hyeon so he took him home. When Min Hae-won came too, she was shocked to learn that he had tried to kill herself with burning charcoal.

Actually, the charcoal fire was caused by Hong Il-gwon (Jang Gwang) who was trying to cover up the murder of Kim Soo-hyeon's father Kim Chan-gi (Jo Duk-hyun), which Kim Soo-hyeon witnessed. However, Min Hae-won cried in agony after losing her son and her husband at the same time.

On a rainy day, Min Hae-won walked into the lake and those who witnessed her called the police but her body wasn't found. Jang Pan-soo learned about Min Hae-won's death on the news and blamed himself.

Kim Soo-hyeon grew up as Jang Pan-soo's son Jang Dol-mok and the drama skipped forward to 6 years later in 1998.