[Spoiler] "Chief Kim" Namgoong Min's shot, this is a headwind

Namgoong Min didn't give in to the company power and counter-used it to hit them behind the head.

Kim Seong-ryong (Namgoong Min) was appointed to another department by the company on the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Chief Kim".

Kim Seong-ryong had become an eyesore to Chairman Park Hyeon-do (Park Young-gyu) and had been driven out to another department. Everyone in TQ expected him to drop out due to humiliation.

However, everyone was wrong. Kim Seong-ryong counter-used their power and brought in a massage chair and a foot bath to enjoy in the corridors.

Na Hee-yong (Kim Jae-hwa) yelled at Kim Seong-ryong to get rid of them but he said, "I haven't abused the rules".

Kim Seong-ryong started to interfere with work by spraying people with the fire extinguisher pretending to check it and creating problems with the paperwork. The employees complained and Ko Man-geun (Jung Suk-yong) cancelled Kim's re-appointment.

However, Kim Seong-ryong didn't want it to be cancelled saying the corridor was much more comfortable. Ko Man-geun asked what he wanted and Kim showed him a list of things he wanted. Ko Man-geun gave up and gave him everything.

Kim Seong-ryong didn't give in to the company's use to power and gave the company a big whack in the head.