[Spoiler] 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won notifies Park Shin-hye about her suspension from work

On the episode 17 of SBS Monday & Tuesday drama "Doctors", a disciplinary action was taken against Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye).

Yoo Hye-jeong said in front of the disciplinary committee of the hospital, "Thank you first of all. I feel honored to realize this time that I'm a person influential enough to taint the reputation of Gookil Hospital".

She added gallantly, "I'm thankful that the hospital regards me as an important person. However, I believe my action under the given circumstances was appropriate".

Later, Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) came to Yoo Hye-jeong, "I came to tell you the result of the disciplinary action. Wouldn't it better to hear it from me than someone else? You're suspended for a month. You were cool today. I'm proud you're my lover".

Yoo Hye-jeong accepted the disciplinary action as she told him, "Thank you for asking those critical questions for me during the meeting".