[Spoiler] "Fermented Family" reveals Song Il-gook's past

JTBC drama "Fermented Family" finally revealed Song Il-gook's past.

Ho-tae (Song Il-gook) put together the pieces to his puzzle one by one as he found out bits from the past, including his real name. He has recently been in shock about the reason he had to be abandoned in an orphanage as well as his father's death.

More will be revealed as to why Kang-san's (Park Jin-hee) father Ki-chan (Kang Sin-il) started looking out for the whereabouts of Ho-tae now and how Ko Sang-deuk, the man killed by Ho-tae's father and Woo Tae-bok (Yoo Yeon-soo), is related to him.

It seems like all the secrets will be revealed when Ki-chan finds out about the man Hyeon-sook (Jung Ae-ri) hired to find Ho-tae, which leads to the facing of Hyeon-sook and Ki-chan.

"Fermented Family", full of secrets and tension, will air its seventeenth episode next.

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