[Spoiler] "Goblin" Gong Yoo sees Jung Hae-in, "So handsome", thinks Lee Dong-wook is Kim Go-eun's father

Jung Hae-in who made a special appearance in "Goblin", recalled the time he met Gong Yoo.


Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun) was at the school she had a test at and met Choi Tae-hee (Jung Hae-in).

Ji Eun-tak was about to be hit by a baseball on campus. A baseball player caught the ball for her and she knew that he was her first love Choi Tae-hee. They recognized each other.

Kim Sin (Gong Yoo) felt jealous when he saw Ji Eun-tak looking shy in front of Choi Tae-hee.

Kim Sin went to see Choi Tae-hee at practice. Gong Yoo yelled, "You're too handsome!" and Choi Tae-hee replied, "I am, kind of".

Tae-hee asked Kim Sin if they'd met before. Kim Sin said no and Tae-hee recalled the time they came across each other on a baseball field when he was just a kid.

Tae-hee had taught Gong Yoo how to play baseball but Kim Sin's ego had been hurt. They made a bet to grant the winner's wish and of course Tae-hee won.

He'd asked Kim Sin to remove the piano in his house. He wanted to become a baseball player but his mother wanted him to be a pianist. After time, Tae-hee had become a baseball player. Tae-hee recalled his mother saying to someone on the phone, "A thief stole the piano but no one saw anyone do it".

Kim Sin still pretended not to know although he remembered. Tae-hee said, "Maybe that wasn't you. You're too young anyway".

Meanwhile, when Sunny (Yoo In-na) called the Death Angel (Lee Dong-wook), he asked Ji Eun-tak to answer it. Ji Eun-tak was with Tae-hee and she was surprised to see him. Tae-hee thought he was her father and said hello but the Death Angel was offended. He then threatened Ji Eun-tak to answer the phone saying he would write Tae-hee's name in his book.